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Apple Pick’n

A few weeks ago, my best friend called me from her apartment on the phone, frazzled.

“I have to tell you about this crazy thing that happened to me on the way back from going grocery shopping last week,” she began.

She told me a story of a traumatic experience. That past Sunday afternoon, as people were descending the bus, one bold girl tried to snatch her iPhone out of her hand, dragging her out of the bus in the process. A hero tackled the perpetrator who then bashed the hero in the head with a can of pepper spray until he bled. In the end, both she and the hero were OK, but the thieves ran off.

I was grateful that she was OK but I can’t say I was surprised. “Apple picking”—stealing iPhones out of the hands of its users—has been on the rise, taking the fun of having the world at your fingertips by, literally, taking it out of your fingertips.

It could be the warmer weather. Perhaps it’s because Blackberries are out of season. Or maybe spring fever calls for the freshest crop from the smart phone orchard. But whatever the reason, the thefts of Apple iPhones in particular are notably increasing.

Whoever coined the term was awfully clever, I’ll admit it, but where does that leave the rest of us who don’t have iPhones? I hung up with my best friend and closely examined the three-year-old dull black flip phone in my hand. There certainly aren’t any witty expressions floating around to describe the act of stealing my black brick of a phone. There would be no heroes jumping out of a bus to rescue my phone that was for sure.

But on the other hand, what good is a phone that you can’t use? All of the selling points of the iPhone—it’s sleek, signature look, the internet access, the music, and of course, the Apple brand name—are now becoming the reason its users should start to worry about using it in plain view.

I remember my experience at the library at college. All of the cool kids had Macs. That famous logo of the leafed apple made Macs tantalizing, even with a bite already taken from it. There was more to having a Mac than having a sleek-looking computer—it was a status symbol. If you had a Mac, or even an iPod instead of a generic brand MP3 player, you were automatically cool. That was it.

So, is it the same for iPhones in the new emerging market of smart phones? Judging from the way that iPhones are still flying off the shelves not in spite of the brand name attached but because of it, it’s not too early to deem the iPhone as the cream of the crop of smart phones.

Yes, apple picking is in season and it’s going to be a banner crop!

By Stefanie Muldrow

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